Running our own brands underpins our internal culture. A culture of entrepreneurialism, where we work hard to grow all of our brands - whether they're owned by us, or our clients.

VeloSkin - Specialist skincare for cyclists, by cyclists

Waterproof. Wind-resistant. Breathable. Self-healing. Insulating. Your body’s largest organ is amazing.

VeloSkin believes you should give it the care and protection it deserves. to cover everything the UK weather throws at you, cover it with Veloskin.

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Developed by cyclists, VeloSkin has created a range specifically formulated for the needs of cyclists, taking into account the impact the great British weather has on us.

Used and trusted by the pros

Our signature product, VeloSkin Chamois Cream, is recognised and used by some of the world's most prevalent cycling teams and we are proud to be the official sponsor of Morvello Basso.

Re:fresh drinkware.

With a world drowning in plastic, and consumers more focussed than ever before on product re-use, we launched drinkware brand, Re:Fresh.

Keen to do good along the way, Re:Fresh provides a day’s clean drinking water for a family in Cambodia for every bottle sold.

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Insulated water bottle

A fully reusable drinks bottle that not only reduces plastic use but also keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours.

Top seller on Amazon

From zero to hero, our first release of Re:Fresh water bottles became a Top-20-selling product on Amazon in the first week of launch.