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How to beat their previous agencies' performance?


We love a challenge! So, when Strand Europe asked us to grow sales of their Kodak batteries on Amazon UK and beat their previous agency’s performance, we jumped at the opportunity.

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AKA - Challenge the brief, and adopt a growth mindset

Our initial conversations led us very much down an Amazon Advertising route, as we could see great potential to drive more eyes on the product and at a lower ACOS than Kodak’s previous partner.

Our partnership with Amazon Advertising had already shown Kodak to be underspending and inefficient compared to the category averages.

What we also uncovered was a significant opportunity to raise organic visibility through better listings, imagery, A+/EBC and review management.

By adopting a full-service approach to Kodak that didn’t just focus on advertising, but instead saw it as one of many growth levers, we’ve been able to scale their business significantly – lowering costs of acquisition and increasing profit… and all without their best-selling product in stock for the majority of peak season!

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The Results

250% sales growth 25% conversion rate 5% TACOS

Venture Forge understood our challenge and the opportunity we presented them with. They developed a detailed plan which the team have done an excellent job in implementing with revenue and profit growth has been above all expectations. They are professional, honest and transparent with their approach and management of our business. We consider them part of our team!
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Rishi Suri
Managing Director
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