Even with gyms and leisure centres reopening, many of us are still embracing the home exercise trend. We are exploring new sport and fitness activities that we would not normally consider. This has led to a boom in the boxing and combat sports industry.

Boxing equipment accounts for 160,000 units of stock sold per month on Amazon, which brings in a total value of just over £1.9m in sales for the online retailer.

Surprisingly, very few household brands dominate the top ten list for the boxing sector on Amazon. Instead, we are also seeing lesser known ‘non-brands’ giving the big companies a run for their money,

The top ten most successful boxing brands on Amazon

As an Amazon partner, we utilised our knowledge and data to review the leading brands in the boxing and contact sports category available on Amazon. We have compiled a list of the top-selling brands by delving into a variety of data such as annual sales totals and other performance metrics to compile a list of the current top 10 boxing brands on Amazon:

  1. RDX – the world’s leading combat and fitness sports brand. Key products include head guards, boxing gloves and training pads.
  2. Dripex – the sports and outdoors brand that specialises in sports clothing, yoga products, accessories, strength training equipment and fitness technology.
  3. ONEX – a popular Amazon boxing brand that sells a wide range of boxing accessories including kids’ boxing gloves, punch bags set, boxing focus pads set and free standing bags.
  4. Gallant – the sports, fitness and sporting goods brand for beginners or experienced professionals. Gallant offers high quality and some of the most recommended products on Amazon.
  5. Lions – aims to supply quality items at the lowest prices possible. It specialises in a range of fitness and sporting goods including boxing gloves and standing punching bags.
  6. Opro – are leaders in custom-fit mouthguards to schools, colleges, clubs and individuals.
  7. SAFEJAWZ – specialises in mouthguards, revolutionising sports dental protection for boxing and other contact sports.
  8. EVO Fitness – the sports and outdoors brand offers customers a great selection of fight gloves, training gloves and bag gloves at low prices.
  9. Sparta – the sportswear brand that specialises in clothing, mats, belts, blocks, mat bags, mat towels for men, women and children on Amazon.
  10. adidas – the iconic sporting brand is popular in the boxing and contact sports sector on Amazon, offering gloves, punch bags and boxing gym equipment.

How to become a best-selling boxing brand on Amazon

As a leading marketplace agency, we can offer proven industry experience and expert insight for boxing and contact sports brands on how they can become leaders in this sector. Our key points to help any brand enter and succeed in this specific category are:

  1. Build exceptional listings with excellent imagery – this will ensure that your product listing is the best it can be to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Trade on price – understand other brands’ pricing in this sector and do not be afraid to adjust your prices accordingly.
  3. Already have a successful brand – well-established brands are not taking this sector seriously. If you are a well-known brand, explore how you can grow within this category.
  4. Develop a product or offering specifically for Amazon – consider what your brand can bring to the market that competitors cannot offer. Could you bundle products together or offer something competitors do not, for example, next-day delivery?
  5. Invest heavily in PPC and external traffic to catch up with the market.

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