With gyms and leisure centres still firmly locked down and the high street closed for business, shoppers looking to get fit in 2021 are turning to online marketplaces to purchase their activewear, which has led to a boom in the industry.

Incredibly, activewear accounts for 352,000 units of stock sold per month on Amazon, which brings in a total value of £6.3m of sales for the online retailer.

In the UK, this amounts to £75.6m worth of sales annually in the activewear category for brands selling on, or to, Amazon – which is serious business for those brands, who may be struggling with the declining high street retail landscape.

With household names like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and Under Armour all sold on Amazon, it would be fair to expect these brands to dominate activewear sales. However, this isn’t the case as the biggest stand-outs in the activewear category are surprisingly the ‘non- brands’.

The top ten most successful activewear brands on Amazon

As an Amazon agency we’ve delved deeper and to look at the leading brands, the top-selling items in a variety of categories, annual sales totals and other performance metrics to compile a list of the current top 10 activewear brands on Amazon:

  1. MEETYOO – a sports and outdoor clothing retailer which sells premium quality clothing for men, women and children at everyday low prices.
  2. Under Armour – the innovative sports gear, shoes, and accessories brand that specialises in t-shirts, thermals, sports bras, leggings & hoodies for men and women.
  3. RXRXCOCO – a popular Amazon practical clothing brand that specialises in leggings and swimwear for women.
  4. SEASUM – affordable sportswear seller that specialises in fashionable leggings, crop tops, shorts & sports bras for women.
  5. Rymora – a meticulously designed sportswear brand.Key products include compression sleeves, compression socks, hiking socks, ankle socks and hiking socks.
  6. IUGA – a lifestyle brand that sells stylish and quality activewear that is both affordable and accessible for men and women.
  7. RIOJOY – quality women’s sports apparel.Key products include leggings, shorts, crop tops and sports bras.
  8. Lemef – an Amazon Best Seller which specialises in women’s sports bras.
  9. Nike – the iconic sportswear brand that specialises in selling t-shirts, leggings, crop tops, shorts, sports bras, hoodies & trainers for men, women, and children on Amazon.
  10. BeLuring – top-selling women’s apparel brand that specialises in clothing, shoes, and jewellery from a great selection of tops, blouses, dresses and activewear.

The top ten best-selling activewear products on Amazon

In addition to the top-selling brands, what individual items perform best on Amazon? And what kind of sales figures are we talking? Looking at the numbers below, it’s clear to see just how valuable they can be to a business.

The Top 5 best-selling individual items in activewear on Amazon are:

  1. MEETYOO Men’s Base Layer – £190,000/month
  2. MEETYOO Men’s Compression Shirt – £160,000/month
  3. Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Base Layer (Blue) – £138,000/month
  4. Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Base Layer (Black) – £122,000/month
  5. RXRXCOCO Women’s Scrunch Leggings – £78,000/month

How to become a best-selling activewear brand on Amazon

As a leading marketplace agency, we can offer proven industry experience and expert insight for activewear brands on how they can become leaders in this sector. Our key points to help any activewear brand succeed in this specific category are:

  1. Invest in your listing – Great photography is crucial and will help you stand out against competitors. Write your listing copy with the Amazon customer in mind and make sure you factor in important keywords.
  2. Stock a variety of products – successful listings have a range of sizes and colours.
  3. Encourage positive product reviews – feedback from customers builds trust and positive reviews are key to your brand’s success.
  4. Protect your brand – don’t allow re-sellers on your product listings. It looks messy to customers and can damage your brand.
  5. Don’t forget your PPC ads. Build them around key search terms, both for your product and for competitor products.

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