We’ve heard the whispers that Shopify is a small business platform, not suitable for scaling and not one for the serious online venture, so, we ask – if that were true, why did some of the UK’s fastest growing companies – Gymshark, and one of the UK’s largest retailers – Matalan, look to Shopify Plus when they needed to grow?

We hear it time and time again – ‘Shopify is for small to medium businesses, right? It’s not built for ecommerce giants to sell online?

Wrong. Shopify Plus is designed for enterprise-level businesses to take their ecommerce endeavours to new heights. According to Shopify, their average growth for online merchants is 126% YoY, with high volume brands to Fortune 500s making use of the platform – it’s a viable platform for businesses who don’t want to spend their time working on fixing broken platforms or ensuring servers are running. Shopify Plus allows you to spend your time working on the business, not on fixing your website.

The scalability offering of Shopify Plus is immeasurable

Many traditional ecommerce platforms, bring the day to day issues of costly builds and crashed sites, while introducing new marketplaces and moving into international are high scale projects that require all hands on deck to ensure nothing falls over. But Shopify Plus allows you to branch into new marketplaces, and launch global dedicated storefronts in multiple languages and currencies, with just a few clicks.

The Shopify Plus API means that you can connect directly with all major enterprise ecommerce platform integrations with thousands of apps to enable you to experiment and sell without the worry of version updates or compatibility.

As you move through your growth, Shopify Plus helps you navigate with comprehensive training and tried and tested practices brought together to help you accelerate your ecommerce business.

Recording 99.98% uptime, the threat of system downtime is practically non-existent with Shopify and Shopify Plus. On Black Friday 2018, Shopify customers as a whole saw 10,978 orders per peak minute, across 600,000 merchants, generating $1.5bn in sales.

Shopify’s dependable platform means that you can focus on your business and building your brand, rather than fixing day to day issues. As Daniel Knight, Gymshark’s website manager states – “It’s a customer experience second to none. It bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds and creates emotional customer experiences that can’t be had online alone.”

The scalability offered by Shopify is part of the draw for many small businesses

Having the ability to grow your website as you grow your business is empowering and means you’re not constantly restricted by your platform.

With faceted search, highly converting checkout options, speed, performance, and the ability to adapt quickly while you grow, the ‘Shopify isn’t built for big businesses’ argument doesn’t stand.

At Venture Forge, we are experts in Shopify builds and strategy. If you’re looking for a quick move to Shopify or a full revamp of your current website, we can tailor our bespoke or rapid re-platforms to what’s right for you.

With our Shopify build, strategy and growth marketing model, Venture Forge steps in as your ecommerce team, working with you on your online growth, so you can work on building your business – turns out you can be in league with the big boys!