2020 has definitely been a challenging year for everyone. While the normal work routine for us at Venture Forge would include a morning commute, it is now just a case of waking up, going to our kitchens for our morning coffee then making our way to our home desks.

We know how difficult working from home can be, which is why we have come up with top tips for working from home:

Stick to a routine

As a busy marketplace agency, we tend to have a regular everyday routine while working in the office. However, working from home is filled with personal life distractions so forming some sort of a routine is a must.

Try making a routine of waking up every day at the same time, eating breakfast and getting out of your pyjamas before heading to start your work day. The consistency of the routine will help things feel more like your normal routine and will help keep a good work-life balance.

Have a dedicated work space

Make sure you find a quiet space in your home where you can keep away from distractions.

Have your pens, chargers, and everything else you may need in one place before settling down to work. It may be extremely tempting to sit on your bed or sofa for comfort reasons but sitting at a desk or table will increase your productivity and be good for your back.

Take personal time

Use your normal commute time to get in a daily walk or to listen to music or do some reading before starting your workday.

Make sure you always make time for lunch and when your workday stops then do actually stop working. Do not continue checking emails, just crack on with personal life.

Use Zoom less

Don’t just constantly use Zoom to communicate with others verbally. Get on the telephone and do things the old-fashioned way. Being on display all day can be mentally draining so get off the camera and take a phone call, we can guarantee that you will feel refreshed.

Share successes and challenges

Share your success stories with your colleagues. When you’re doing a great job then make sure you tell them about it! We’ve had some days where we’ve hit record sales days for our clients, which has provided us with great ‘banter’ on our emails and completely boosted our work morale. Equally, it is important to share challenges you could be experiencing and ask for help when you need it.

Focus on the end game

Continuously find something to focus on and try to be excited about it. It could be a day off, a project or a goal to work towards for a client. Having an endpoint in mind keeps you focused. It will also make you feel like you are working towards something, which will only impact you in a positive way.

Have fun with your colleagues

Take some time to fit non-work-related stuff in with your colleagues. We have had virtual beers on a Friday and events, such as our Xmas festivities, which have been fantastic for our morale throughout the agency. Rather than planning in regular forced fun, we’ve found the more spontaneous the event, the better.

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