The Pros and Cons of Amazon’s AI-Generated Review Summaries

Now rolled out to the UK, Amazon’s AI-generated summary snippets are here to make life easier for shoppers, with a concise overview of product feedback they can scan in a snap. We look at the good, and the bad, and consider what you can do to help make yours the best they can be…

How does AI generate the review summaries?

Aimed at helping customers make quick and accurate decisions about their prospective purchases without having to trawl through reviews, this new feature was launched in August but has rolled out more widely over the following months.

Generative AI creates a short synopsis that covers the features most often mentioned by reviewers talking about the product, as well as a summary of overall customer sentiment.

AI also generates tags based on common themes and words used by reviewers, which shoppers can click on to access the full reviews tagged for that term.

The summary only uses reviews from verified shoppers to block out fakes and make sure shoppers get the most accurate information.

The Pros of Amazon AI review summaries

Sound good?

There’s no doubt it’s a useful upgrade for shoppers.

Not only might it save them from reading through piles of reviews, but key information is at their fingertips with one tap, and minimising friction in the journey to purchase will hopefully improve conversions, as well as build better trust as the snippets are based on verified reviews.

For Sellers and Vendors, as long as their reviews are good, these benefits are also an advantage.

But another benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked is that the summaries present an easy-to-grasp understanding of customer feeling about your product/s – useful stuff for product development and product line expansion.

The cons of Amazon AI review summaries

The potential for oversimplification that ends up creating an inaccurate idea of the product in a shopper’s mind is something that can’t be ignored – AI is not known for its ability to pick up nuance (yet, anyway).

And, just by the nature of how AI works, there’s a possibility that it might pick up something negative even where a product has great reviews overall – for example, if one word or term is mentioned multiple times.

What can you do to help your review summaries be the best they can be?

It goes without saying that consistently good customer service is paramount to ensuring that your reviews are favourable – so keeping on top of them, and dealing well with issues that arise is crucial.

And it’s also important to use a recognised method to encourage reviews – from genuine customer interaction to a validated collection scheme like Amazon’s Vine.

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Second Chance on Amazon is a £1billion business – is there an opportunity here for you?

Amazon’s Second Chance pop-up store in London is an extension of their second-hand marketplace category – which the figures show is booming! As we see Amazon’s stats for the first time, we wonder – is there an opportunity here for your business?

Amazon has just released research into the state of the second-hand market in the UK – and the figures make riveting reading!

Finding that more than half of UK shoppers (53%) say they love hunting for deals, the study also uncovered that 93% of people check used prices against new when shopping online, and more than a third “refuse to pay full price for anything, be it clothing, tech or homeware”.

Interesting stuff.

But it’s the stats for the Second Chance store (which now includes Warehouse and Used) that show the potential on the marketplace itself.

Second Chance on Amazon is now a £1bn business.

Across the UK and EU stores, soaring demand has seen second-hand sales raise more than £1 billion in revenues.

In the UK alone, more than 4 million products – from returned and refurbished to used and open-box products – were sold last year, and sales have increased by 15% over the first 9 months of 2023.

So the demand is clearly there.

The question is, is this something your business could take advantage of?

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