Are you the masters of your own Amazon Growth?

Are you following our CEO Andrew Banks on LinkedIn? If not, here’s one golden Amazon nugget shared recently, with a key tip to put brands in better charge of their own marketplace destiny…

If you were asked to name your most critical metrics to measure when plotting your brand’s future Amazon success, would market share be high in the list?

We hope so – because in our expert opinion? It’s overlooked far too often.

Yes, of course, brands should look to turnover and profit levels – and then, depending on your own unique business model, there might be any number of more granular statistics you need to help regularly refine and perfect your strategy.

But market share deserves far higher billing than it often gets.

We spoke to a brand this month who is delighted with their current Amazon success.

Turnover and profits are up, and there’s visible growth…

… to some extent.

But their market share is down nearly 50%.

And they don’t know exactly why they’re growing.

The truth is that their category is growing around them, and they’re benefitting from that.

They’re not driving their own growth – it’s not coming from their own strategy.

They’re not the masters of their own marketplace destiny.

The question is, how much better could they be doing if they were in control?

Where could they get to if they knew the context of their growth and built a strategy around taking more market share in this expanding category?

With our help, they’ll find out very soon!

If you’d like to join them, get a fresh perspective on your own market share prospects and potential by speaking to our expert team today.

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Chargeback Insights: Protecting Your Amazon RevenueJoin our next webinar on 30th May at 10am

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What will we cover?

Mark your diaries for this critical webinar, where industry experts will share their comprehensive insights on minimising financial risks during peak selling periods. Expect to learn about:

  • Navigating Amazon’s chargeback policies: Understand the common reasons for chargebacks and how to effectively dispute them.
  • Strategies to reduce chargebacks: From improving transaction transparency to enhancing customer communication.
  • Optimising your operations: Tips on documentation, shipping practices, and more to protect your bottom line.

This webinar is your gateway to mastering the methods that help minimise revenue losses and enhance your operational resilience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your financial success on Amazon!

When is the webinar? 

Thursday 30th May 2024 at 10am

How do I sign up? 

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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The key takeaways for brands from Amazon’s 2023 results? Read on…

Digging deeper into Amazon’s message of “12% growth in 2023”, CEO Andy Jassy’s letter to marketplace shareholders held two particularly rich insights for brands…

It’s all about the deals

Unsurprisingly in this economic climate, deals have been crucial to Amazon’s growth in 2023 – and all the signs say this year will be exactly the same.

Last year saw a simply massive 70% YOY increase in customer savings from promotions and coupons, with discounts standing at more than £19 billion.

What can brands take from this?

We think it points to a clear focus – brands need to trade smart.

Focus on the need to employ a trading mindset, focus on the need to know your commercials and data, focus on managing your NetPPM and focus on your competition to keep – and stay – ahead of the curve.

Want more on adopting a trading mindset for greater profitability? Check out this blog

Amazon-funded Quantity Discounts + You; The Lowdown you need on the Marketplace’s Discount programme and its latest Pilot 

Is your brand enrolled in the “Discounts Provided by Amazon” Programme? You might soon benefit from their newest pilot scheme…

What is the “Discounts Provided by Amazon” Programme?

Through this programme, Amazon offers discounts to Seller items, lowering the original price set by the Seller on certain items and funding the discounts or coupons themselves.

The rationale behind the scheme is twofold – to ensure Amazon customers get the most competitive prices around, and to clear inventory taking up warehouse space that Amazon feels could be put to more profitable use.

And it costs Sellers nothing?

It costs nothing to be in the programme and Amazon funds any discounts themselves. 

Sellers still receive the amount they would normally expect for the sale of the item/s in question.

What’s the catch?

There are three key issues that might impact some Sellers.

The first is that Sellers aren’t made aware of any discounts being applied.

The second is that the discounted sale prices could violate reseller agreements or pricing policies where Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) – or similar – is in force, and you could find yourself falling foul of manufacturer agreements without your knowledge.

And the third is that, although you can opt out of the programme, the opt out is at an account level and affects all your ASINS – not just those which could potentially violate a manufacturer contract.

Is there a solution?

If you don’t want to opt out of the scheme completely (which you do by contacting Seller Partner Support), you could add clauses into your manufacturer policies to cover any potential price disruption caused by Amazon.

OK. Back to this pilot scheme – what is it?

The pilot is a limited four-week run called “Quantity Discounts by Amazon”, which encourages multiple unit purchases by offering shoppers a discount on quantity buys of the same item.

Again, Amazon chooses which products will be selected, Amazon funds the discounts and Amazon has sole discretion about how long the pilot will run and whether it’ll become a more permanent thing.

But, for Sellers who can participate, it’s a win-win for them and the customer alike.

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