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How best to leverage a brand’s strength to increase Amazon Vendor sell-through?


Trends produce some of the world’s best-selling educational and scientific toys, often in conjunction with some of the world’s largest entertainment brands (think Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Thomas The Tank Engine).

They were already successful on Amazon, but they believed more could be done to grow sales and represent their brands in the best possible way.

With a business heavily driven by Q4 Christmas Sales, our brief was to drive sales growth all year round, and maximise the Christmas peak to drive maximum ROI.

With a complex sign-off process, requiring not only our clients but also the licence owners’ approval, this was a healthy challenge to get stuck into.

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AKA - find the latent demand and leverage the brand’s strong heritage.

The Amazon success that Trends had enjoyed to that point relied almost exclusively on customers buying products that they already knew existed – searching specifically for a “Peppa Pig Playmat”, for example.

This is no bad place to be for any brand, but it misses the biggest opportunity on Amazon – people who conduct more generic searches, like “playmats” or “toddler toys”.

So our strategy focused heavily in this area.

Starting with a full research and audit process that sought out latent demand in generic search terms on Amazon, we worked through Trends’ range in a prioritised way, fully re-working their listings (content, images and A+/EBC) to drive greater search rankings and visibility.

Sales quickly followed.

Once we’d begun to grow visibility and traffic to Trends’ range, our focus shifted to maximising their conversion rates, making best use of their A+/EBC content and storefronts to drive every drop of value from each customer looking at their products.

And of course with increased visibility, conversion and brand strength, our ability to invest into Amazon Advertising has propelled Trends’ growth over the last two years to hitting record numbers.

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The Results

£2m+ sales 33% Year on Year growth 10% ACOS over Christmas peak

Venture Forge has been an exceptional partner, helping us grow our Amazon business. They have tailored a business plan and advertising strategy to align with our commercial needs, giving us confidence in our ability to grow. We highly recommend Venture Forge to any business looking to enhance their Amazon presence and accelerate growth.
Lee Clowes
Managing Director
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