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How best to support a marketplace strategy with minimal internal resource?


M&Co was looking to revitalise their business post-Covid, and needed to expand into a multi-marketplace model.

With Amazon being a key part of their strategy but something they had struggled to make work previously, and with no internal resource, M&Co turned to Venture Forge to make this happen.

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AKA - Lead, divide and conquer.

Proactively managing and trying to grow 35,000 lines would always prove a fruitless exercise, so instead, we looked at where we could add the most long-term value.

We leveraged existing internal resources where possible and used technology to manage the bulk of trading activity. And we…

Venture Forge set the overall Amazon strategy for M&Co, leading and managing their internal team and full range plan.

Amazon success is based on long-term momentum, which makes growing the seasonal and rapidly changing lines of a fashion brand tricky. So we worked with M&Co to carve out a range of core lines that we could proactively optimise and scale manually for the long term, whilst allowing the internal team to follow our best practice on the remainder of their faster changing lines, through an automated approach.

And Conquered
As our core range strategy began to grow, we worked closely with M&Co to move this to a full FBA model, requiring new ways of thinking in a business designed to stock stores and needing stock agility, rather than driving volume through a third party.

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The Results

245% year-on-year growth Top 10 Best Seller 8% TACOS

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