We sent Jake and Elfie to Amazon Port – what did they find out?

Amazon took over the Port for the second time at Cannes Lions in June 2023, and we sent VentureForge PPC experts Jake Browett and Elfie Brocklehurst to bring back their key insights.

After a week of connecting with other Amazon Ads Partners, like our friends at Perpetua and Pacvue (read on for more about the exciting generative AI tools they’re developing for PPC) and meeting inspirational industry leaders like Amazon Ads evangelist Jeff Cohen, join us as we share what they learned!

Jake and Elfie meet Amazon Ads evangelist Jeff Cohen

Amazon is aiming for the top of the Advertising space

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is renowned as the most prestigious advertising awards event in the world…

And Amazon pulled out all the stops for their second appearance in the vast, 27,000-foot Port space, with an incredible presence that topped even last year’s launch – which was pretty special in itself!

Over the past couple of years, Amazon has been actively expanding its presence in the advertising industry, ramping efforts up still further this year after the huge success of its first own-brand Ads event, UnBoxed, in 2022.

Also appearing at AdsWeek Europe for the first time in 2023, this confident Cannes showing underlines just how hard Amazon is driving to be one of the advertising spaces’ top players.

Now third in terms of ads revenues, they’re already close to being on a par with Meta and Google. And, as they keep maturing as a platform and bringing in better functionality and more opportunities for advertisers, their continued rise towards the top of the space looks certain.

After all, while Google has the data on what we search and Facebook the data on what and who we like, it’s Amazon that can access data that offers a deep understanding of our buying habits – and, for a purely ecommerce channel, that’s where the power lies.

This year’s buzz? It’s all about AI

Happy news for advertisers everywhere as AI finally arrives for PPC!

We’ve seen great case studies for the use of AI in the production of content, but its potential to make accessing crucial insights and key metrics faster and easier is incredibly exciting.

So we were delighted to discover that our friends at Perpetua and e-commerce Ads platform Pacvue have been working hard to build tools that use generative AI to produce the data we PPC experts need to keep your brands competitive in the unbelievably dynamic world of Amazon advertising.

Jake and Ellie catch up with our friends at Perpetua

As an Amazon agency, it’s our job to discover new and innovative ways to serve our clients, and more in-depth and comprehensive reporting is one of these.

We’re really excited about this and have our ears and eyes firmly to the ground for developments – watch this space for more as it comes!

Why is it so important to have this kind of real-time data at our fingertips when driving Amazon growth for you? Find out here…

The Metaverse has gone missing…

So popular last year, so absent this year.

The Metaverse is no longer a buzzword in the ad space, and there was little mention of it this year at Cannes – all the buzz was around AI.

Display ads are where it’s at…

Amazon is still leaning heavily into display advertising as they look to reshape the Ads market…

And they’re working closely with brands and partner Agencies (like us) to help us get the best results for you.

Speak to our PPC experts to learn more

… And data is king!

Developments in AMC and Sponsored Products now give us more data than ever to evaluate ad performance, as well as being able to look deeper into the full customer journey.

This is key to developing long-term strategies that deliver on a consistent and sustainable basis because, while ACoS and RoAS are important, a successful and continually competitive approach needs PPC experts who can access the best and most comprehensive real-time customer data possible.

One intriguing example of using data to fully grasp the customer’s path to purchase was flagged by the adtech team.

This study explored how AWS and Amazon Ad Server can serve a brand’s wider advertising strategy by providing a more fundamental understanding of how off-Amazon advertising activity can impact their Amazon sales – even when those ads are not directing traffic to the businesses’ Amazon presence.

To discover more, and find out how we can leverage all these learnings for your brand, get in touch with our PPC experts today.