With Easter just around the corner, now is the time for ecommerce businesses to be finalising their strategy and implementing Easter campaigns.

Statistics from the last few years show us that Easter has generated a year on year rise in total consumer spending. There are plenty of ways that you can use an Easter campaign to boost sales and increase brand awareness for your business.

1. Focus on Family Time

Easter is a time for gathering families together and this is a great angle to take if it aligns with your business. Images of family gatherings around the dinner table conjure up feelings of togetherness that inspire people to buy for their loved ones. Find a way that you can incorporate your products into the Easter theme. Or, just focus on generating good feeling about your brand to help build customer relations and brand loyalty.

2. Create an Easter Hashtag

Create your own seasonal brand hashtag to use with your Easter posts. You can make it as unique and quirky as you like and encourage your audience to use it too. A hashtag also enables you to keep track of your campaign posts and step up engagement on them to drive momentum. Use the hashtag across your whole campaign including in email marketing and paid ads.

3. Offer Discounts

Many shoppers will take advantage of the Easter bank holiday to get online to shop. Encourage them to your site with a discount offer. This could be money off specific Easter-related items, a site-wide discount or discount with a unique code that you send through your email marketing.

4. Encourage Customers to Look Ahead

Easter is the perfect time of year to plan for the summer. Spring is in the air, the weather is warming up and many people are thinking ahead to their summer holidays. If your business has its peak season during the summer months, Easter is a great time to kick off your campaign and start increasing sales. Offer a discount on holiday items or create a guide to the best summer holiday destinations – getting your customers excited for what’s to come will encourage them to start buying now.

5. Run a Competition

A competition can be an easy way to generate engagement and extend your reach, especially on social media. Keep the barrier to entry in line with how desirable your prize is and don’t hold back from having some fun with it. Encourage your audience to upload their own content using your brand hashtag so you can keep track of entries. Use your knowledge of your community to decide which type of entry method and prize will work best.

6. Create a Landing Page

If you are selling products or services related to Easter, create a landing page to display all the appropriate items in one place. You can include the direct link in your email marketing and across social media so customers don’t have to search through your site to find the perfect Easter purchase.

7. Embrace the Easter Theme

In the lead up to Easter, it seems like chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies are everywhere you turn. If that theme suits your business, go with it. People like familiarity, so if you feel your target audience wants traditional imagery, give them what they want. You don’t always have to find an alternative angle.

8. Run an Ad Campaign

You may be used to running year-round ad campaigns, whether through Amazon, Google or social, but make sure you adjust your content to tap into the Easter market. Strong imagery and tight copy remain crucial. Use past insights to make sure you are investing in the channels that usually provide a good ROI and keep an eye on results so you can tweak as necessary.

9. Know Your Audience

If your target market views Easter as a primarily religious holiday, they may not appreciate too much talk of chocolate and bunnies. Remember that different groups celebrate Easter in different ways. If you think your target market won’t be celebrating Easter at all, you can always focus your campaign on Spring and the changing of the seasons.

10. Extend Your Campaign

The run-up to Easter sees increased sales of cards, flowers, Easter eggs and groceries, but the buying doesn’t stop when Easter Sunday arrives. Schools are still on Easter break and lots of people are taking holidays. This leaves plenty of time to shop online – garden items, household goods and DIY materials tend to sell well over Easter. If you get your campaign strategy right, you can continue to see the rewards throughout Easter weekend and even beyond.

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